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2.3.1. Theme presets

The theme presets combo-box allows you to switch between a variety of theme presets. Each theme has a light and dark variation. Switching between theme presets will load values into source color, normal color, target color and output color.

Currently, the following themes are available:

  • APU Default (dark)
  • APU Default (light)
  • Night Sea (dark)
  • Night Sea (light)
  • Midnight (dark)
  • Midnight (light)
  • Cozy (dark)
  • Cozy (light)
  • Redwood (dark)
  • Redwood (light)
  • Ruins (dark)
  • Ruins (light)
  • Purple Velvet (dark)
  • Purple Velvet (light)
  • Peas (dark)
  • Peas (light)
  • Jungle (dark)
  • Jungle (light)
  • YlOrBr (dark)
  • YlOrBr (light)